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We are excited to be able to offer ebooks for reading on your computer, tablets, and mobile devices.   If you happen to be visiting us in store, ask about a demo!  We'll be happy to show you how it works. Here's how you can get started.

1) Watch the Blio video.

2) Download the Blio eBook reader.  Note: If you are on a mobile device like an iPad, tablet, or smart phone, look in your app store for the Blio ebook reader, and download it from there.  Otherwise follow the link below.

3) Make sure you create an account at to sync all your devices.  Then return to to began shopping.


4) Start shopping! Click on Book & Game's shopping cart below.

Remember: In order for Book & Game to get credit for your ebook purchases, you need to order your ebooks through our web site.  Thank you!

Here's an example:


5) Enjoy! With thousands of ebooks to choose from, we hope you'll have a great reading experience!