The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

Title:  The Unhoneymooners

Author: Christina Lauren


Since she was young, Olive Torres has watched her twin flourish with unbelievable luck while her own life appears to be cursed. When her sister’s luck turns, Olive has the opportunity to take her twin’s place in an all-exclusive honeymoon trip to Hawaii. The catch? She has to share the trip with Ethan, a handsome but intolerable new in-law. This is the perfect summer romance novel, and I loved every second of it.

Review by:  Bethany


The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker

Title:  The Dreamers

Author: Karen Thompson Walker


Students sharing the same floor of a dorm in a small college town mysteriously begin falling asleep.  Their friends are unable to wake them.  When specialists are called to the small hospital to assess the unfamiliar sickness it is discovered that the victims have unusually high brain activity and the sickness is contagious and quickly spreading.  The town is quarantined and those inside do their best to help the sleeping while hoping to avoid becoming victims themselves.  I loved how the author switched between various viewpoints to piece together this story! Well worth the read.

Review by:  Jannelle


Pride, Prejudice, and other flavors by Sonali Dev

Title: Pride, Prejudice, and other flavors
Author: Sonali Dev


Do you need a great fun romp of a summer read? Or a light one in between serious books! Then this is it! This book follows the family of the Raje’s, mainly Dr.Trisha Raje, she is a neurosurgeon in San Francisco, her life is complicated to say the least! She has a family with rules, never trust anyone other then family, don’t do stupid things to jeopardize your brothers political career, most of all don’t defy your family.... she is about to do all.. this crazy roller coaster is a light fun book, but it has hart, family, oh and chocolate, blueberry muffins... and Mr. Darcy

Review by:  Julie


Foundryside by Robert Jackson  Bennett

Title: Foundryside

Author:  Robert Jackson  Bennett


I really enjoyed this book where the main character is a nimble thief named Sancia with unique talents who has been hired to steal a mysterious box.  Chaos follows Sancia on her adventure where she meets an interesting host of characters.  This book kept me turning pages until the end and I’m looking forward to book two.

Review by:  Aly


The Perfect Son by Lauren North

Title: The Perfect Son

Author: Lauren North


Tess Clarke has recently lost her husband in a tragic plane accident.  Now her 8 year old son Jaime is missing as well.  Told in alternating times, we look back at the 48 days before Jaime’s birthday to piece together who is responsible for her son’s disappearance.  I loved the surprise ending in this psychological thriller.

Review by:  Jannelle


Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Title:  Crazy Rich Asians 

Author: Kevin Kwan


This book was hysterically funny, touching and sweet all of the same time. It is the journey of Rachel and her boyfriend Nicholas to go visit Nick‘s parents in Singapore. That seems simple enough but Nick’s Family is rich and Rachel is not aware of this.  He’s not only rich, he is beyond wealthy and part of the elite in Singapore. So you follow Rachel’s adventure on all of this.  In the end you’ll want more. Guess what?  There’s two more!  And they are just as much fun!

Review by:  Julie


Browsings by Michael Dirda

Title: Browsings

Author: Michael Dirda


If you need a suggestion for your next book to read, Browsings will give you more than enough leads to keep you busy for a long time.  A book about books is always a fun thing, and this one belongs on the shelf of any good bibliophile.

Review by:  Ben


Generation One by Pittacus Lore

Title: Generation One

Author: Pittacus Lore


The beloved setting of “I am Number Four” is back in Pittacus Lore’s latest series. After humans around the globe developed legacies, the world decided to establish a school where these new Garde could hone their newfound abilities, and ultimately use them to better the world. However, not every person wants to use legacies for good. This new series follows a lovable group of Human Garde as they fight to save themselves and their friends from new dark forces seeking to destroy the world as we know it. I’m so excited to have more to read from Lore!

Review by:  Bethany


Range by David Epstein

Title:  Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World

Author: David Epstein


The common advice is to focus!  Become an expert.  But  more evidence is mounting to show that those with wide ranging interests and abilities are better at adapting to a changing world.  This book will be of interest to anyone who wants to do more than one thing.

Review by:  Ben


The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

Title:  The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

Author: Kim Michele Richardson


Cussy Mary Carter is the last of the blue-skinned people of Kentucky and has faced prejudice all of her life.  She only wants to be left alone to be able to deliver books to folks that don’t have easy access.  She travels the hills as part of Roosevelt’s Kentucky Pack Horse Library Project bringing books and companionship to the hillfolk.  But as trouble brews it’s only too easy to blame the blue-skinned girl.

Review by:  Jannelle


A Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmares by Krystal Sutherland

Title:  A Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmares

Author: Krystal Sutherland


Esther Soler is convinced that her family is cursed. Each member of her family has developed a phobia and eventually died in a fashion related to their fear. Determined to make it through life without developing a phobia, Esther avoids everything she thinks has the capability of causing a traumatic event. Then she runs into Jonah Smallwood, an old friend of hers. This is a fun story about two teens spending their summer overcoming fears and learning to live life to the fullest, and I highly recommend. 


Review by:  Bethany


Bad girls with perfect faces by Lynn Weingarten

Title:  Bad girls with perfect faces

Author: Lynn Weingarten


Sasha and Xavier are best friends. Little does Xavier know Sasha is desperately in love with him. For all Xavier knows, Sasha doesn’t believe in relationships. Xavier on the other hand has spent the past few months trying to get over his entrancing ex girlfriend, Ivy. When Ivy comes back into Xavier’s life, Sasha is determined to prove that she hasn’t changed. But how far will she go to prove to Xavier that Ivy is not the right person for him?

This book is exciting, with twists and turns. It kept me guessing the whole time I was reading.  I loved it!

Review by:  Melia


Nemesis by Brendan Reichs

Title:  Nemesis

Author: Brendan Reichs


It’s Min’s 16th birthday, and she’s about to die – again.  Min has kept this secret her entire life.  But this time, things are different.  Slowly, the lives of her entire sophomore class in Fire Lake, Idaho begin to unravel as they begin to realize that what they believed to be true about their quiet little town is all a lie.  This book for young adults had me guessing until the end.  Books 2 and 3 (Genesis and Chrysalis) are now available so you don’t have to wait to see what happens!

Review by:  Jannelle


Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds by Brandon Sanderson

Title:  Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds

Author: Brandon Sanderson


Stephen Leeds is not insane. Sure, he’s delusional, and he speaks to people who aren’t there; but he’s perfectly sane. Whenever Stephen learns a new subject, an ‘aspect’ appears to personify the information. Within hours he can master any subject just by creating a new aspect. This makes him an unmatched genius and to amuse himself he will solve difficult cases that few could even hope to solve. Legion is three of those cases, all culminating into a complete and satisfying character arc for the character of Stephen Leeds.

Review by:  Chandler


The Bad Seed by Jory John

Title:  The Bad Seed

Author: Jory John


This book is about a young sunflower seed who had a rough start in life resulting in his bad decisions. He gets labeled as a bad seed by his peers and ends up living up to that label. I love that this story introduces the concept that people aren’t just simply good or bad and that everyone has the capacity to change.


Review by:  Rubi


The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

Title:  The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Author: Heather Morris


The story is one that should never be forgotten. It is based on the accounts of Lale and his time in Auschwitz. How he became a tattooist in Auschwitz since he knew several languages, and did what he could to help others survive the brutality of all that was there.  Through it all he still found his one love Gita. Stories like this have been told over and over again but we should never forget. I cried through many of the pages of this book. I am amazed and inspired at the strength of the human spirit and the will to survive.


Review by:  Julie


The Mortal Word by Genevieve Cogman

Title:  The Mortal Word

Author: Genevieve Cogman


This book is the fourth in the invisible library series. It does not disappoint! Irene and Val and Kai are charged with having to figure out who killed a top dragon official in a top-secret peace conference between the Fae and the dragons. The backdrop is Paris and Victorian era. But what’s wonderful about the series is that it has a little bit of steam punk little of this and that to get you on a roller coaster and can’t wait to see how it ends!!!

Review by: Julie


Travelling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa

Title:  Travelling Cat Chronicles

Author: Hiro Arikawa


As a cat owner who always wonders what my cat is up to while I’m away, I found this short read moving and endearing. Initially light and whimsical, the simple prose twists into a tale of love and kindness. The story centers around a journey taken by cat and cat-owner, filled with simple moments of contentment and loyalty. Arikawa’s imaginative and playful voice throughout the novel provides a refreshingly sincere take on the joys of life. This book is a truly heartwarming weekend read.


Review by:  Allison


The Snuggle Is Real by Frida Clements

Title:  The Snuggle Is Real

Author: Frida Clements


The Snuggle Is Real is a great gift for the pun lover in your family.  The pages are filled with puny animals of all sizes. Laugh and cringe with this fun coffee table book.

Review by:  Aly


The Lost Art of Reading by David Ulin

Title:  The Lost Art of Reading

Author: David Ulin


Now, more than ever we need to be reading.  And not the kind of reading you do on your phone, or while surfing Facebook. But real reading.  David Ulin writes, "... we need a certain kind of silence, an ability to filter out the noise. That seems increasingly elusive in our over networked society,..." There is value in the long form, value in getting-lost-in-a-book.  So why not give yourself that opportunity? Pick up a good book. You could start with this one.

Review by:  Ben