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House of Velvet & Glass by Katherine Howe

Title:  House of Velvet & Glass

Author: Katherine Howe

Sybil is the daughter left behind.  The decision was made to take the younger, but more "marriageable" daughter on the European Grand Tour.  The TITANIC was the way home for them as they ended the tour.  Sybil is left to deal with complex feelings of guilt.  Guilt that she was not the one on board, guilt that she was glad not to have been, guilt that she cannot help her father and brother deal with their grief as she would like.

Left with her father and brother in a dismal but stylish home in Boston, she begins to seek out the clairvoyant with whom her mother had frequently consulted.  Through séances she begins to believe that she can communicate with her mother.  She is given a scrying ball by the clairvoyant and this is the beginning of her downward spiral into the world of opium dens, and dark characters in an effort to make this communication more intense.

It is a compelling story and I learned more of the darker side of the years in the beginning of the 20th century than I had known prior to reading this enjoyable book.

Review by:  Dianne