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An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler

Title:  An Everlasting Meal

Author: Tamar Adler

An Everlasting Meal isn't exactly a cookbook. It contains few recipes, and almost no precise measurements. Instead, An Everlasting Meal is about how to think about cooking, making food preparation into philosophy. Adler describes how to make the most of plenty, and how to thrive on little. She understands that a good meal is often rooted in the leftovers of another meal, and that the odds and ends which result from cooking still have their uses. Rather than begin with by separating meals into cuisines, or beginning by teaching the proper way to cut an onion, Adler arranges her book thematically. She begins by discussing the many uses for boiling water, moves on to describe the many ways in which olives and anchovies can be used to improve a meal, and ends with a treatise on dessert. If you want to learn to cook, you could do hardly do better than to read this book and test it's philosophy. If you already cook, this book offers valuable ideas to improve your meals.

Review by:  David