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The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty

Title:  The Chaperone

Author: Laura Moriarty

In the years just prior to 1920, huge changes for women were beginning to take shape.  Short skirts, bobbed hair, no corsets!  All evidences of the freedom on the horizon.  In Wichita, Kansas, word went out that a chaperone was needed for the rebellious and outrageous 15 year old Louise Brooks as she went to New York to study dance with the famed Ruth St. Denis. 

 This was the chance for Cora to go to NY for her own reasons.  Her marriage had taken a strange turn causing her to question everything she thought she had.  Her own background was a mystery as she had been part of the Orphan Trains operating in the Midwest at that time.  She knew that she had been in the New York Home for Friendless Girls and was hoping for more information.

The season in New York brought many experiences for both of the women, changing the direction of their lives forever. 

This book is so well written, combining fact with fiction and pulling in the historic changes and freedoms opening to women of that era.  I highly recommend this book.  You will be caught up in the crazy and ultimately tragic life of Louise Brooks through her Hollywood and Parisian years, while sharing the life of the quietly untraditional Cora.  

Review by:  Dianne