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On the Trail of the Ice Age Floods by Bruce Bjornstad & Eugene Kiver

On the Trail of the Ice Age Floods: The Northern Reaches
By Bruce Bjornstad & Eugene Kiver
Regional History/Geology

Ice Age cataclysms violently transformed the Northwest thousands of years ago, leaving behind scores of flood features, many found nowhere else on Earth.  The sheer enormity of the Ice Age floods is mind-boggling.  The floods helped gouge out Idaho’s largest and deepest lake, Pend Oreille, and sculpted the weird topography of eastern Washington.
Following up on his first volume, On the Trail of the Ice Age Floods: A geological field guide to the Mid-Columbia Basin,  geologist Bruce Bjornstad joined forces with colleague Eugene Kiver to guide readers upstream – northward into the Channeled Scabland and northern Idaho.  The authors explore numerous flood features and present dozens of trails and tours directing readers to experience, firsthand, the striking aftermath of the Ice Age floods.