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The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis

Title:  The Undoing Project   Author: Michael Lewis

Review: How is that people go about making decisions.  Any decisions.  For the NBA—how to know which draftees from the college ranks will be the consummate team member.   For the Israeli army—how to know which army recruits will make a good officer.   For the economists—can the field of psychology be applicable to how economists look at the world?   Those questions and others are fielded and expanded on in this story two psychologists, Amos Tversky and David Kahneman began their work together over forty years ago.  Their research of looking at theories of how people think and arrive at decisions makes for interesting reading.  Along the way the author also explores how the two men work, relate, and complement each other in their work.  Michael Lewis provides yet another readable and informative book.

Review by:  John