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Smitten Kitchen Every Day by Deb Perlman

Title:  Smitten Kitchen Every Day

Author: Deb Perlman

Review: “Deb Perlman is one of my all time favorite cooks! Whenever I need to impress my friends or family with a special dish, I always turn to Deb. She has been hosting a blog for ages, and I have been anticipating this cookbook for years. Let me tell you, this book delivers! She has collected is an incredibly thoughtful batch of recipes - mostly new - for lunch, dinner, and dessert. She provides a good variety of options for any mood, and her helpful voice guides you through the process the whole time- which makes cooking less stressful and more fun! If you’re looking for a good variety of casual options that are still decadent, I would recommend this book.”

Review by:  Allison