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Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen Simonson

Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand
By Helen Simonson

The proper and rigid Major Pettigrew has lost his beloved brother, Bertier, at the opening of this lovely story of the 68 year old widower and the dignified Mrs. Ali. He has been vaguely aware of her as the “Indian or Pakistani woman” (though she’s never been out of England) who has been blending his special tea at a local convenience store for some time. She calls on him as he is grieving his loss and their relationship begins. As they become friends, they find much more that they have in common than would keep them from being friends. The relationship grows through this poignant and outright funny story. There are characters throughout the tale that will keep you laughing out loud and loving these people. I highly recommend this great read for restoring your faith in people and in happy endings. -Review by Dianne


Freddy & Fredericka By Mark Helprin

Freddy & Fredericka
By Mark Helprin

A hilarious adventure through America made by the must unlikely pair- the deliberately impoverished Prince and Princess of Wales. The twosome has been sent to reacquire the British Colonies. This disastrous duo will make you laugh and cry as they blunder through the countryside on their seemingly impossible task
–Review by Sarai

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